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Pictured: The DSP Research Institute - Tallinn, Estonia 2019.

The Institute has been established for researching, analyzing, and archiving the strange and sometimes unbelievable behavior of online personality “Darksydephil”.

While many know exactly who he is, there is simply too much to discuss about this rabbit-hole in a small introduction if you aren't familiar. Have a look around using the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Hopefully you enjoy the tools and information here as well.

Thank you!

--Egdon Bitervin

New Projects

Newest Project

New OBS Plugins have been released. This is a set of plugins for anyone who restreams or wants to get quick live information about DSP streams. Focused on censorship, bans, deleted messages for the most part. Functionality was added to track memberships and superchats and convert them to USD. More features are possible, and a lot of info can be taken from DSP's chat. Using the OBS script called urltxt.py this will make it easier to customize and choose the look of the statistics on your stream or video. Look for the article about it below or check the navigation bar to visit the OBS plugins page for more information.

Hardcore Research

Our Research

Starting with this site launch this very serious institution will be doing research and analysis in the field of Darksydephil, (a.k.a “Phil Burnell”, “DSP”) and his lore focused in three main areas. Research and analysis of the psychological behavior and history of DSP and his followers, on the anomaly that he and his members are, and last but not least the work of his many detractors. Opinions articles, news, and site updates will be found on this homepage below. Completed research projects will be in the navigation bar under "Research".

PigPigGo Added and Patched, New OBS Live Scripts and Plugins, and some Banworld News

By Egdon Bitervin 6-17-2021

D ue to the hopefully temporary absence of the authors of PigPigGo, the website for pigpiggo has a bug and fails to update new videos. Thankfully, they were smart and generous enough to open source it. The institute's dev team has patched and updated it and will host it for the foreseeable future here. To use the new pigpiggo, find it at the top of the page, bookmark it, and visit dsp.institute/pigpiggo.

We have some good news for any re-streamers looking for some fresh gimmicks to use on their OBS. There are seven different categories of counters and ban scripts to keep an eye on the ever-censorious DSP. In addition, for the first time, there is a script for tracking his WWE Champions fund from his loyal stream simps. The plugin will track both superchats and money from new memberships converted to US dollars. Having this much variety should make restreams just that little bit more interesting. Also, it is always good fun to read what is currently "banworthy" in the world of DSP. Ideas for other plugins are always welcome, so feel free to use the contact link if inspiration strikes. Follow the DSP Institute on Twitter to hear about small updates and other bits.

Banworld was a casualty of the Twitch partnership fiasco. Because of the move to Youtube, it was necessary to write new code to collect chat and ban statistics. Merging the new data from the Youtube chat and the old Twitch chat is possible, but the differences between the two may not be worth the effort. For example, Youtube chat gets logged by each stream instead of each day like it was on Twitch. Data is collected, but we are not yet sure what we want to do with that data. So Banworld is shuttered, but the spirit is still around in the new OBS live plugins for the time being.

Are you a writer and have something to say about the crazy stuff in the DSP world? This site is open to those who have something to get off their chest but might not make video content. Contact Egdon Bitervin using the link at the top of the page if interested in posting here. From WWE Champions talk to pathological lying and narcissism, submit it and spread opinions or knowledge to other "detractors."

Thanks for checking in with the institute, and enjoy the DSP sleaze.

-Egdon Bitervin
Director: DSP Institute

The Institutes Plans for DSP on Youtube & RIP Goutsox

By Egdon Bitervin 5-23-2021

T o our researchers keeping an eye on and archiving DSP and his cultists activity is always important. We are aware that for right now Banworld is not caputuring due to it being set up to work on the Twitch website. Work has already been started by our DSP devs to get Banworld features back online and working with his new streaming home at Youtube. Here is the basic plan for Banworld's future.

Banworld youtube edition will attempt to retain all features from the Twitch side. Because the database has years of data and we don't ever want that lost, an attempt will be made to combine the new logger into the original database. If it is not possible the original database will still be here, and a new section for the youtube era started. If all goes well, there will just be a short gap in data for the transition. Things like the permaban counter for detractor streams and daily bans live pages along with every other feature should be back! It will just take some time and follow the institute on twitter for updates @dsp.institute. Thanks all!

-Egdon Bitervin
Director: DSP Institute

Introducing GOUT SOX (Alpha version) Sock Account Assistant

**Requires Firefox Browser

By Egdon Bitervin 11-23-2020

I t may have taken quite a long time for the institute to bring you new updates but we are happy to bring you a useful application for quickly creating "sox"! Please keep in mind this program requires Firefox to be installed.

Sometimes you just have a few things to say in the chat, but you know that the rampant censorship will likely cause you to to get kicked. He also has draconian rules about how long you must follow him before you are allowed to chat as well. Just check out our BANWORLD section to see how easy it is to get a ban. So make 5 or so socks, follow him (the program should do this too), and just consult the generated text file for login details after they are "follwing long enough". Please understand that this is UNTESTED for the most part by anyone but the author. Please submit bugs and errors if you have issues. So lets get into exactly how the program works.

GOUT SOX is NOT A BOT. It is an assistant in making throw-away accounts quickly and easily. Start the program, type in a username or have one generated using random and DSP related words, then it goes through the process of creating the sock for you using the Firefox browser. You will still have to complete the "are you a human?" part of the process, but that takes less than 15 seconds in most cases. Other than that, the program is quick and completely hands-free. The program creates your name, dob, and even an ad-hoc email and gets the email verified so all you need to do is follow DSP. Most of the time he requires a 10 minute follow, so it is a good idea to make a few "sox" ahead of time. The login details are saved into a text file in the program's folder for you! This is not a tool made to make thousands of accounts all at once. Please look elsewhere if you need a bot for that. Again, this is not a bot. These accounts are NOT SECURE unless you change the email to one that you have yourself after the program creates the account. If you choose to secure the account, you can log into the (passwordless) ad-hoc email address to switch it to a secure email. Do what you want with the program, but we also respectfully ask you not to abuse it by making tons and tons of accounts for non detractor or other non Philbert purposes.

This software tool is an ALPHA and has not had much testing. There may be bugs or issues that have not been found, so please report any to the institute (egdon@dsp.institute).

There could be future updates and releases, especially if Twitch changes it's sign up process. Right now it is a small program and does not have all the bells and whistles but is functional, easy, and gets the job done. We are releasing the Windows version first, and might post the source and Linux versions at some point if it proves useful to detractors. If you want to help or contribute, drop me a line. For more info on the program and to download it, check the "Projects" bar at the top of the page or click here to be taken to the page.

Have fun!

-Egdon Bitervin
Director: DSP Institute


By Egdon Bitervin 12-20-2019

W e are pleased to announce that the DSP Research Institute has opened this website in line with our mission to study and understand the strangest and most perplexing personality on the Internet. Darksydephil has fascinated, confused, and enraged the young and old for over 10 years. No limits, no shame, no self awareness on the highest order. It is amazing to behold. His behavior and lifestyle has confounded the greatest minds. And now with a generous grant from our government we have completed our grounds and facilities, and have been collecting data on Dark since February of this year.

Of course the first thing we had to do was establish a strict safety protocol as we never want to put any of our research staff in danger. Researchers are all given protective gear, frequent breaks, and mandatory counseling. To date with these precautions we have not had any major brain injury or toxic tendencies detected with any of our staff. There is also a strict policy of rotation with the researchers to limit exposure to streams as much as possible. We thank the brave individuals who work hard at understanding the workings of DSP and his followers to strive at reaching our goals. They put their lives and mental wellbeing on the line for the greater good every day.

Thanks to their hard work and determination, we have completed our first project! Banworld is a tool and auto-updating database of all innocent memers and chatters that have been banished from Darksydephil's twitch chat room. They went into the belly of the beast and never came out. Not everyone is cut out for the United States of Phil. Now their final words will be put proudly on display in their memory, showing what it takes to get the ban-hammer in the world of DSP. Banworld records all bans, how many times he has banned the same users, the things he says in his own chat, and of course the final words of the banned. Due to technical reasons, a few days of data have been lost, but almost all has been captured. We also added a live daily ban section that updates every few minutes. We are open to new ideas if there are other things that the public thinks should be included in Banworld.

Check back to this page in the future as it will be a location for news, updates, and editorials on the Institute and DSP.

A very wise man once said; "darksfadill is trash". Yes, trash indeed. Lets get to work.

-Egdon Bitervin
Director: DSP Institute