Live updating OBS plugins & scripts

  • https://dsp.institute/obs/banlive.txt
  • https://dsp.institute/obs/censorlive.txt
  • https://dsp.institute/obs/censorlivelog.txt
  • https://dsp.institute/obs/contributorlive.txt
  • https://dsp.institute/obs/deletelive.txt
  • https://dsp.institute/obs/derichlive.txt
  • https://dsp.institute/obs/moneylive.txt

  • OBS script to load plugins:

      Description of live text files and help:
      banlive.txt = Count of lean in permabans for the stream.
      censorlive.txt = Name and message of last censored item. Single line of text.
      censorlivelog.txt = Updating chat with all deleted and censored messages. (chat log style)
      contributorlive.txt = Name of last victim of pignosis / simp.
      deletelive.txt = Count of deleted messages for the stream.
      derichlive.txt = Times Derich has been mentioned in chat for the stream.
      moneylive.txt = Money from superchats and new memberships, converted to USD for the stream.

    Using with OBS:
    First, create a new text "source" and name it to reflect your tracking DSP stat. You can choose font styles and colors as well. Most OBS releases come with the "URL-text.py" script but if you are missing it, download it from the link above. After creating a text source, click "Tools" then "Scripts" and use the + to add a new URL-text.py script. Copy and paste the location text file above that you want to use in the "URL" box, choose how often to refresh the number, and finally choose the "text source" you created earlier. Do this with any live text plugin on this site or anywhere else! The DSP Institute will do our best to keep the stats working properly and plan to add more to this list, so check back again to see if there is anything new. Remember: Youtube changes its backend software regularly, so these plugins may need to be updated from time to time; if there is a bug, check back later or send in a note to get it checked.